​September 5,2012

I have trained with Amir for 17 years. Both of my sons have trained with Amir throughout the years, beginning at ages 8 and 10, and still train with Amir. The training has had a significant impact on their lives and development. Andrew has just graduated from medical school and Mathew is law student at Stetson University. The self-esteem and discipline they show in their daily lives has a direct correlation to the training they have received at Amir Academy of Martial Arts. I strongly recommend parents to utilize this training to aid their children succeed later

​Dr. Richard Leverone

April 22.2012

Amir’s classes do so much more than give students physical skills and strength. His programs enhance self-esteem, build confidence and help participants to develop discipline that carries over into all areas of their lives. Through Amir Academy, students learn to strengthen their mind and body through increased physical coordination and mental discipline. The positive social and psychological benefits of training in martial arts typically involve a decrease in levels of aggression, hostility and anxiety, as well as, an increase in self-reliance and self-control. Because Amir’s training focuses on mind/body integration through a combination of meditative and physical activity, his programs increase the overall sense of balance and well-being clients experience. Staying mentally and physically active help people to enjoy life to the fullest and the practice of martial arts is an excellent way to stay fit. Students have also shown that practicing martial arts can help people with learning disabilities and depression, as well as a range of other challenges, to overcome and improve their functioning. Because of Amir’s targeted approach to wellness, his clients are sure to see the benefits of their training carry over into all aspects of their lives. I highly recommend Amir Academy to anyone looking to experience an improved sense of well-being and a sense of belonging. If you are wanting an overall life change, Amir Academy will provide you with just that!

Dr. Kim Costello Psy.D.LMHC,CEDS.DAPA,BCPC

After graduating from college, I found myself bored and getting lazy. Refusing to become a couch potato, I walked into Amir Academy. I never walked out again. That was 21 years ago. Loyalty, Honor & Dedication: these principles live and thrive at Amir Academy. Training under Master Ardebily, I earned the rank of black belt and am now one of his instructors. Master Ardebily’s knowledge, patience and dedication show in each and every student that walks through his doors. Amir Academy is, without a doubt, the finest martial arts school you’ll find anywhere in the nation. “

Jamarkus Anderson

I've trained with Amir for over 30 years. I've trained in other schools and there is no comparison to the Amir Academy of Martial Arts! I feel at this time there are many karate schools which a lot of them are belt mills. With Amir academy if you receive a belt you certainly have earned it. One of Amirs green belt is equal to a green belt in other schools. He is simply the best!!!!!!!!

Steve Kleiman sandan

My family has been training at Amir Academy of Martial Arts for the past 18 years and I honestly could not have asked for a better place to call home. I would not be the person I am today without the self discipline, dedication, and hard work ethic that was instilled in me by my instructors. I learned to challenge myself and push myself past my own abilities. The staff at Amir Academy is not only dedicated to the success of their students as martial artist, but they are dedicated to the students themselves. Your instructors, staff, and fellow students all become apart of your family, a family that picks you up when you fall, pushes you when you think you have nothing left, and is there with you when you reach the top. One of the principles that Amir Academy sticks to is "no man left behind" and I have had the privilege to not only witness that but to live it as well. I am honored to be apart of such an amazing academy and family.

Mekenzie LoPreste

I have been personally training with Amir for almost 3 years now. I am a 52 year old woman with no unique physical gifts. But Amir makes me feel like a champion. He keeps me young and vital. He has increased my strength and core and balance. I feel empowered because of our boxing and martial arts instruction. His endless knowledge of training options guarantees a unique workout everyday I walk in. Just today he “tortured” me with an ab workout I’ve never done before! He’s truly amazing and inspirational. And, most importantly, his results are incredible. I can’t recommend him and his academy highly enough.

“I have been training with Amir for a few months now. Already, I feel healthier, stronger, and more confident than I have felt in years. Amir’s knowledge of and familiarity with the martial arts is incomparable. I have also learned a great deal from his confidence in the importance of discipline and learning to exercise such physical and emotional discipline. This alone has been a great benefit to me and my life in myriad ways. Self-discipline is such an important skill and one that’s not really taught.”

Awesome coach/mentor Amir Ardebily Im so grateful for all things I’ve obtain after so many years of hardship. I’m finally getting back from all the blessing I have given to people the universal law of attraction is real You get what you give !!!!


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